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Imagine that a class suddenly becomes a tribe vibrating in unison.

It suffices for that to put the pulse in the feet then to sing a common song then a responsorial song which raises the joy ...

Everyone can have the jubilant experience of a free expression not constrained by the fear of being judged, quite the contrary ... the group is a united choir which takes up, sublimates what we have the audacity to offer to the world.

The body can release its excess of energy, become the gestural theater telling its story, its stories according to the emotion of the moment.

In turn, each one explores his interior and universal myths carried by the rhythm of the drum, like a master of ceremonies.

The objectives of this workshop are multiple:

Allow everyone to express themselves with their whole being in the immediate moment.

Develop your improvisation skills

Affirm your presence in the world and gain self-confidence

Connect with others and experience belonging to a supportive and supportive community.

Taming the rhythm to feel more connected

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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