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I wrote the song Varanasi  after returning from my first trip to India from March to September 2002.

This text was born from my experience in this millennial city on the banks of the Ganges (formerly Benares).

I stayed there between the Shiva temple and the Burning Ghatts.

My cells are full of rituals from dawn to dark night, of the vision of bathers in the sacred river, of saris pressed against the thighs of Indian women, the height of sensuality, of Jasmine that embraced my neck and of its captivating fragrance...

For the song Massada forever in the rough draft... an Israeli friend I met in India accompanies me on the dry guitar.


Massada was born from my dream of going to Israel and my other dream in 2003 to see the volcanoes of Auvergne...  

Two of these dreams have come true:

In 2007, during a trip to Palestine with the association "the world otherwise", I met a magnificent people. 

During this 3-week stay where we were several artists preparing a street carnival show with the children (stilts, percussion, dance, singing,  costumes...), I was able to visit Jerusalem for a single day.

The reality of checkpoints to cross, armed Israelis in the holy city, the beauty of the city left me with strange memories made up of various feelings...

Since 2008, I joined the country of young dormant volcanoes...

Masada still lives in my dreams.

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