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My po(e)litic commitment, artistic expression

and my spiritual quest are one.

the  movement is dedicated to art and poetry in all their forms to raise awareness of animal and planetary causes, to develop empathy, to contribute to human well-being, to feel alive, connected to all beings, to dream together if strong that...


Genesis of the movement

  dream waves


In May 2019, the beautiful salamander I was drawing whispered in my ear...and I heard it...

Having drunk all his words, I sent a first call inviting those who wanted to join "the dream tribe" to support through song and whispers, poetic advocacy texts committed to the earth and all living beings

There was no echo... I mean no human echo but on another level, if...  

 This dream has taken root in my heart.

The time has passed...

 The fires ravaged the Amazon, Africa, Indonesia, Mongolia, Australia, we witnessed this disaster, helpless where we were, still sheltered. So many victims among the trees, the animals... billions of beings sacrificed.

time has passed again and the virus coming from China directly linked to animal exploitation has suspended for a moment the mad race for the benefit of our capitalist societies... deaths by the tens of thousands, less than by pollution and hope maybe... the sky would turn bluer forever after



Time keeps on ticking

There are plenty of ways to join the movement

- Sign up for outdoor yoga, primitive expression, wild poetry and tribal singing workshops

- Welcome me to a place
* for an exhibition of one day, one week, one month...
* for poetic readings (poetic texts, singing, soundscapes, drum rhythm)

- Offer and offer you an illustrated book, an original pastel animal portrait, a fusion creation, a reproduction

- Participate once or more in street pleas and in nature in the way you like (your mere presence, singing, drumming, making up, making headdresses, costumes, spreading the news...)

-Filming pleas for animal and planetary causes during Vegan place events, climate marches...

Those of you who have know-how in the field of com are also welcome to broadcast, publicize the various events, the creations for sale.

Depending on your level of involvement and efficiency in the dissemination, you will benefit in exchange for your precious contribution, free workshops or others present among the creations, with so much joy.


What will we do for the next 10 years?

What will we do in the next 10 years as climate change accelerates...?

that a terrifying decree was passed on March 17, 202 in the midst of a pandemic authorizing laboratories to widen their scope of supply to torture and murder animals

that we appointed as minister of justice a pro hunting and pro bullfighting, completely unbalanced...?

that nothing is still being done to put an end to pesticides?

that climate-killing ads are getting better?

that the state offers subsidies to the most polluting lobbies on the planet for no consideration...?

Is this the last gasp of the old world, the last long and endless death rattle before its certain and necessary death?

What will we do for the next 10 years while everything is still possible to hope to repair, love, protect, dream of a sentinel humanity of the earth?

I know what I'm going to do...

Thanks to her, the salamander and the spirit of audacity, the Ondes de rêve movement finally saw the light of day this summer 2020.


I am not alone, since my salamander is there but not only... the wind too, the trees of the world, the shadows and the light and so many other allies... They are all there.
With you by our side, the dream waves will be able to spread at the speed of light.

                                           Thursday, July 16, 2020

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