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Brolga, bird woman

Show currently in creation. Patience...

The songs and movements of Aboriginal inspiration, the sound atmospheres (sound of the didjeridoo, sounds of the swamps), the rhythm of the percussions, the masked play mingle with the poetic story ...


Brolga ... listen to the great swamp, you will enter his dream ... a dream where shadow and light coexist, where love for the land and the desire for freedom mingle.

Beware of the wizard. He wants to own you.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Loosely inspired by the myth of the woman bird, this story brought to my mind visions of an immaculate time when humans heard the heartbeat of the earth and danced for it.

Who better than a woman can translate the essence of life through her body and mind? Who better than Brolga to talk about freedom, at all costs.


The long version "Aboriginal myths" tells the epic snake Djamudji and the fabulous story of the bird woman

Duration:: 70 min

Serpent Djamudji and Brolga enchant the time of dreams. Let us be guided by the creative spirits ...

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