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Danse alchimique FRISSON ANIMALFAIsabelle ND
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"Awakening the energies of the body, stimulating the immune system, renewing life impulses, chasing away deadly forces to make way for joy"


A jubilant experience



A dynamic and festive practice inspired by tribal dances accompanied by the voice of the participants and the power of rhythm

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Why do it?

- The urge to dance

- increase vitality

-to release tensions, to free oneself, to express oneself without fear of judgment

- to vibrate in unison to the rhythm of the drum

- to share a festive moment supported by the group

- to put oneself in a state of light trance, vital to psychic balance...

After the session

We feel regenerated, more anchored, more flexible, more alive, with the feeling of connection to oneself, to others, to the earth...

Who can practice?

Everyone, regardless of age.

No prerequisites.

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- On different tempos, exploration of very refined, primitivist symbolic gestures (simulacrum game, evocation of archetypes, nature, elements...)  promoting the development of the imagination,  entry into a space of enchantment and connection to the earth, to all of life...)

  -  The repetition of the movement promotes access to a light trance, a sine qua non for feeling a real letting go and breaking down psychic and physical barriers.

- Supported by the benevolent group and inspired by a festive atmosphere, everyone can abandon their inner judge in favor of a carefree and joyful state of being in the world

  - The exploration of the melodious or chanted voice in unison with the group allows you to get involved body and soul and to adjust your breath in the movement. Hearing the voice of the tribe in the dance sequences brings a boost of energy and a deep sense of connection

  The united group, the rhythm, the singing in unison and the expression of the body are powerful catalysts allowing to release all the accumulated tensions and to express oneself with all one's being.

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Herns Duplan Haitian dancer is the founder of the technique.  

France Schott Billmann  psychoanalyst, dance therapist teaches dance therapy in several universities (Paris Sorbonne Paris IV). She created the Rhythmic Gesture Workshop and runs training courses all over the world.

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J'ai découvert la magie du rythme en Amérique centrale au Honduras...Je n'oublierais jamais ce moment durant une répétition du ballet Garifuna à Tegucigalpa. 3 musiciens se sont mis à jouer sur de grands tambours et tout mon corps s'est mis à vibrer. Le chorégraphe a alors fait une proposition gestuelle à ses danseurs et chacun s'est mis à se mouvoir de la façon qui lui était propre. J'ai entendu ce jour là le battement du coeur de la terre et senti un vent de liberté.

 Coutumière enfant des cours de danse, j'en avais un mauvais souvenir. La rigidité de l'enseignement et l'obligation d'imiter rendaient âpre l'apprentissage qui ne convenait pas à la petite fille hypersensible et inquiète que j'étais.

Ce fut une révélation et à mon retour à Paris, abandonnant l'ethnologie en maitrise, j'ai commencé à me former aux danses afro américaines et à l'expression primitive.

Rien d'autre que les cercles tribaux ne me réconcilient davantage avec mon espèce.


Sous la terre site.jpg

I am a tribe of joy

I am a tribe of joy... My big cascading laughter lights up the night

I am a tribe of blood, in me flow all the rivers and the mighty torrents

I am a tribe of skin, I am the infinite softness, of that of rocks polished by water and wind

I am a tribe of bodies, I dance to the rhythm of the beats of the mother,

I am a dance of peace and inner strength,

fertility dance,

love dance,

dance of birth and death       

Dance of death and rebirth

I am a tribe that slumbers at the foot of an ancient tree,  I am a tribe that dreams of ancestors and the first mother

  I wake up on a golden beach, I listen to the surf of the sea and the sea takes me away...

I am a tribe of humans and humans, I have my hand in your hand and your hand in his,

With my countless bare feet I walk on the earth and  never hurt her 

I'm Animal Tribe, I meow in the dark,

I am plant tribe, I breathe in the light,

I am mineral tribe, I carry the memory

Self Praise Lyrics for Primitive Expression and Dream Tribe

  February 2019

Isabelle N

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