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wild poetry

I am a wild plant, in love with the earth

Nothing can uproot me, not even the wind

I make myself flexible when he comes and with him I dance...

Isabelle N

Chant Les 4 éléments Isabelle ND
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Plante sauvage

   Come and learn this practice

to reveal your inner poetry

  and cultivate enchantment


Practice thus renowned and initiated by Marie Milis.

It is inspired by Kasala*

Self-praise invites us to take stock of ourselves in connection with the world, connected to all living things. It is an act of absolute humility that reveals our unvarnished, immaculate nobility...

In the spoken words, the elements,  all beings, our shadows and our lights... invite themselves as if by magic, reminding us how much we are never alone, how beautiful and intact our soul is.  

In nature, participants will be inspired by the wind, the infinity of the sky, the song of birds, the breeze

water maybe... They will feel the earth under their feet.  

More and more convinced that poetry can contribute to "saving our skin" and that of the world .... the workshops that I run give pride of place to creativity so that everyone draws from themselves infinite resources in connection with the visible and invisible universes.

The primary intention of the workshops as of my creations is to blur more and more the contours of our beings to make us porous, ready to receive the universe, to feel full of life to the point of excess, to develop empathy for all the living beings.


Kasala * is a very old practice of African origin which consists in praising oneself, yes, yes, yes!!! and that of all his lineage to affirm his presence in the world in all his dignity.

Marie Milis knew how to adapt perfectly by her luminous presence and to make accessible by her dazzling verticality this thousand-year-old knowledge to Western culture dominated by analytical thought.  





Regain your personal power and your power of enchantment

Develop your ability to marvel...


Affirm its presence in the world


line up


Connect to the universe


Draw from an infinite source  


Savor the miracle of being alive on earth

And so much more...

Self-praise is for me one of the most radical ways to dialogue with your soul, to give it more and more room to express itself.  




1   writing time from an intention, a support, the state of the moment... Everything is good to create an impulse, to arouse the desire

3 golden rules


2  Time spent reading self-praise aloud

so that the written words become spouting and offered speech.

New seeds can thus be sown in oneself and in others...  

Declamation is a unique way to resonate with others, with the whole universe and to bring back life, to set in motion what could be blocked.

A change of state conducive to regeneration, to healing, is made possible by the very fact of speaking.  


The rhythm, the tribal energy, the energy drawn from nature, the song will give the participants more power and audacity during the declamation



" Self-praise is cosmic bomb, shamanic poetry

It is in turn a purifying bath of my soul at my feet, a torrential rain that carries away sorrows, the breath of the wind that sweeps everything in its path, it's the tigress that roars and tears the dark night...


I hear in me howl the wolf

I become the moon path

I'm not like...

I am

 I never pretend anything

I am shadow and light, cry and whisper, thirst, hunger

I am the food of the Gods..."

"I am the thundering storm, I approach gently, I roar, I disarticulate myself, I expel black sorrows, the fire of the sun devours them, the earth digests them, they become seeds of abundance...

I am a wild plant, in love with the earth, nothing can uproot me, not even the wind.

I make myself flexible when he comes and with him I dance...

I just had time to enter the mammoths' dream and now the rain started falling from the sky in powerful jets.

I bow to her. 

I have become water, I am fluid, I spread everywhere I visit every corner of my mother..."

Isabelle N June 12, 2018

chant rêve 2.mp3Isabelle N
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LA OU JE SUIS Isabelle N
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Weekly online workshop

Initiation to self-praise / creative visualizations and body practices

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