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animal thrill

Volume one the earth

Hymn to animal grace,

with vegetable power,

to the beauty of the earth

A4 large format book

Poetic illustrations and text

72 pages

Single price 22 euros




Découvrir le livre par les yeux d'une lectrice

Livre FA Poème renard P30.jpg


Volume 1 - The earth


This atypical 72-page book is as much a plea as a praise to life, a celebration of innocence and grace.  

Combining political advocacy, poems and many illustrations (Portraits of animals in pastel and fluid acrylic), it hopes to touch the hearts of those who read it by plunging into the eyes of the individuals represented and thanks to the magical power of poetry.

To accompany the reading of the poems, to stimulate the imagination, Isabelle N makes available to readers on her site, audio tracks of songs,  read texts and dreamlike journeys to meet a tree and an animal.

The objective in this work is to abolish the illusory feeling of separation and to empathize with all living beings...

This book is aimed at all audiences, including school audiences from 9 years old for primary school, but also in college and high school.

In these extraordinary times when we are given the incredible opportunity to change the paradigm, Isabelle dreams of an antispeciesist humanity, co-creator and sentinel of the earth.

And what are your dreams?


Festival 2021 "animal and literature "

Literature at the center  



March 2020

The extraordinary situation suddenly suspended the distribution of the first animal Frisian volume as soon as it was published in February 2020.

I am more determined than ever to raise awareness for animal and planetary causes.

I do not forget that like other viruses, the coronavirus is sadly linked to animal exploitation,  to the destruction of ecosystems, to a system of values that exploits, enslaves, tortures and assassinates beings as long as this same system makes profit... even in contempt of life.

I  dream that an antispeciesist and sentinel humanity of the earth sees the light of day.

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1 Two dreamlike guides will take you into a modified state of consciousness to stimulate your imagination, develop your sensitivity and create unexpected alliances...

2 Clips and audios of the texts of the book

            It's this way

dessin-fusain-chamane-guérison-spirituelle-énergie-subtile- corps énergétiques.jpg

Committed to the animal and planetary cause through my writings, my illustrations and readings, this clip voluntarily shows the harsh reality of hell experienced by animals.  

I just realized that one of my activist videos to raise awareness for the animal cause has been censored by you tube...  

Our civilization wants to continue to feed the nightmare by torturing and murdering hundreds of billions of sentient beings, endowed with a sensitivity to which we cannot claim as human animal species but it does not want us to see it. ...

  Animals cannot defend themselves, we are the only ones who can carry their voice to put an end to their unspeakable suffering and their genocide, we are the only ones who can denounce the acts of barbarism protected by our laws.

Indifference and insensitivity arm the hand of the barbarians, denial too...

We have all the power to stop this massacre of innocents

NOWif you are hypersensitive, already convinced, vegan and antispecist, don't look at these images, listening will be enough... but SHARE  


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