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May my emotions be as fluid as water

Let my heart be as hot as the sun

May my mind be as flexible as the wind

May my body be strong like the earth


In these workshops...

There is no level required...

Everyone does with their physical, emotional, mental state at the time of practice and it changes constantly like the moods of the sky, the sea...

"Enter" in a posture as one crosses a threshold to discover unexplored worlds

Enter a state of greater presence and be intoxicated by the miraculous fact of being alive, aware of the life that everywhere expresses itself and is a source of inspiration.

How then does each  in a state of receptivity?

capable of both listening to his breath and that of the bird singing at the same second...

Do I feel my bodily boundaries becoming more blurred, less dense, more vibrant?

Do I feel the coming and going  to make oneself from inside to outside, not knowing very well if the separation is not pure illusion and to abolish it over time...?

Do my perceptions gain in amplitude, in finesse?

Am I finally bigger than I thought a second before?



Each time I wake up, I have the opportunity to be reborn and sing a new song, to write an immaculate poem from fresh sources...

Let me become more and more aware of the dreaming volcano... of my tumults, of my hurricanes, of my light breezes that dance with the whole universe.

Let me multiply the moments of awakening to animal and vegetable grace, to the incredible beauty of our mother earth

Make me honor all sacred life

Let me forget less and less to thank those who gave me life and then the wind, the sun, the rain, all the peoples...

Make sure that every morning I remember how lucky I am to be alive among the living...that I feel the poetry of life in my body.. ..

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